10 Tips For Cleaning White Garden Chairs

10 tips for cleaning white garden chairs

How to properly clean white plastic chairs?

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White plastic furniture is very popular in the gardens and terraces of our homes.
This type of furniture is both comfortable and affordable.
On the other hand, it is of course very messy, especially by its white color.

So is the white plastic of your chairs blackened and dull?
10 Tips below provides you with some great cleaning tips for cleaning garden chairs effectively.

Tips for cleaning white garden chairs:

Summary of tips


1. Clean the garden chairs with soapy water

2. Clean white chairs with baking soda

3. Restore shine with vinegar

4. Use oven cleaner

5. Bleach to bleach white chairs

6. Hydrogen peroxide for beautiful white chairs

7. Car wax and garden furniture

8. Clean the white plastic with the Clay Stone

9. And now, how to clean a woven resin garden furniture?

Clean garden chairs, visitors also liked:

1. Clean the garden chairs with soapy water

It might seem obvious, but the first thing to do is to clean the lawn chairs with warm soapy water.
Indeed it is a simple and fast way to remove dirt and surface stains from white garden chairs and other

garden furniture


But the most important thing to prevent white plastic from losing its shine and blackening over time is to clean it frequently.
To keep your garden chairs clean and spotless, it's best to clean them once a month and even better twice a month.
You will thus keep the beautiful white color of your outdoor furniture much longer.

Frequent cleaning with soapy water helps prevent stubborn stains that are difficult to remove from white plastic chairs.

2. Clean white chairs with baking soda

Used for household chores around the house, baking soda is a very practical natural stain remover to have around the house.
Here is how to clean garden chairs and polypropylene chairs:

Mix baking soda with white vinegar and add water

Mix well and use a cloth to rub the chairs and garden furniture

Use a brush to scrub and remove stubborn stains (not too stiff so as not to damage the plastic of the chairs)

Rinse and dry your garden chairs quickly with a cloth

For even more stubborn stains or to clean a blackened plastic you can replace the bicarbonate with borax.

For those who want to use this baking soda trick, here are some at the best price:

Excellent cleaning agent for the home

Useful for daily home maintenance

TOP quality price

3. Restore shine with vinegar

Over time and inclement weather, white plastic loses its shine and becomes duller.
Hence the importance, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, to clean the chairs with soapy water regularly.

To restore shine and remove stains, a mixture of water and vinegar is a good cleaning tip for garden furniture.
For a

stubborn stain

do not hesitate to add baking soda to your mixture.

4. Use oven cleaner

To clean the blackened white plastic, it may be necessary to use a cleaner more powerful than water and vinegar for example.
So for

VERY stubborn stains

oven cleaner

may be the right solution to remove all of those stains.

Spray some oven cleaner on your white lawn chairs

Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly to remove everything

Quickly dry your chairs with a cloth

Be careful because on some garden chairs, this product could damage the equipment.
It is better to test the product on an invisible part, above the table or below the garden chair for example.

5. Bleach to bleach white chairs

Bleach is of course a powerful and effective cleaning product

for bleaching

various materials including plastic chairs.
But is it really environmental to use bleach today to clean your garden furniture?
The question arises, doesn't it?

If you still choose to use bleach then make sure that no drop of this product falls on the ground and in the environment.
It's your responsibility!

Pour a little bleach in a lot of water and scrub your white chairs

Rinse to perfection as the sun will make your chairs yellow if there is still bleach left on them

It is really very important to remove the bleach completely because you risk turning your white chairs into yellow chairs, so be careful!

But why not

replace the bleach

with another cleaning product, but this time natural?
Here are some products that can very well be used in place of bleach:

Lemon juice

White vinegar

Castile soap

6. Hydrogen peroxide for beautiful white chairs

To keep your garden chairs white, make a homemade mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.

Mix 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide with 10 cups of tap water

Add 1/3 cup lemon juice

With a sponge or a line rub your chairs and garden furniture and rinse.
Your chairs will become all beautiful and white as before.
For very dirty and dirty white chairs you can also add baking soda to your mixture.

7. Car wax and garden furniture

Did you know that it is possible to use car wax on your plastic garden chairs and furniture?
Indeed, to keep your white garden chairs clean and shiny, you can wax them with a little car wax.

This is a good tip to protect your PVC garden chairs from dirt, rain stains and even scratches.
It is important to let the chairs dry well when they are waxed so as not to stain your clothes.

8. Clean the white plastic with the Clay Stone

To remove stains encrusted on your beautiful white chairs and other garden furniture, Clay Stone is very effective.
Indeed, this natural cleaning product is widely used and popular with environmentally conscious people.

How to clean the chairs with clay stone?

Easy, apply a little clay stone to the surface and rub with a cloth or a soft-bristled brush to remove the stains.
We rinse and dry to finish cleaning, quite simply.

Silver stone made from clay

Natural clay-based cleaning product

Ideal for cleaning everything in the house and on the patio

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9. And now, how to clean a woven resin garden furniture?

Do you have resin wicker garden furniture?
This type of outdoor furniture is at the same time light, resistant and oh so pretty on the terrace.

Contrary to popular belief, resin wicker furniture is much easier to clean and maintain over time.
Indeed, they are much more resistant than the famous white garden chairs that we see everywhere on the terrace in summer.

A simple soapy water with a sponge should be sufficient to clean this type of garden furniture.

For more stubborn stains you can use a cloth with clay stone.
Find in the previous tip a quality clay stone at a great price.


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